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Our Mission

We are a welcoming, Christ-centered community, aspiring to fully live the Gospel.

St. Alban’s has been through several transitions in terms of leadership and sense of purpose over the years. Today, we are strengthened by an energized ministry of lay people and clergy whose hearts are set on following Jesus, building up his Church, and ministering boldly in His Name in our communities and the mission field beyond. Our parish is prayerfully discerning the next steps to promote a vital Christian presence through the work, worship, and witness of the good-hearted people of St. Alban’s. We have identified four core values: to preach, to teach, to heal, and to love.

Our Vision

To become an ever-growing, spiritual, Christ-centered congregation.

The vision requires a renewed understanding of community and calling during these times of disillusionment with organized religion. We believe that God is seeking those who will worship in Spirit and in truth; that the lordship of Jesus Christ compels us, his followers, to seek his heart and to follow his lead.

We do this through worship, study, prayer, service, and play … yes, play! Church shouldn’t be a boring place of stuffy people; it should be a place that attracts people to realize fullness of life, including the joy that comes from fellowship and fun with others.

St. Alban's Episcopal Church - St. Pete Beach, FL 33706