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 This Sunday: The Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

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10:00 am in Church

Music, sermon, Holy Eucharist and lively coffee hour!

Wednesday 10:00 am Healing Prayers and informal Eucharist in the Peace Chapel

The Peace Chapel is a place for restoration of mind, body & soul

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 One of the ministries of St. Alban’s is providing space for community events.

Check out our calendar page for all events and times.

Summer Friday Nite @ the Movies: 6:00 pm in the Guild Room

This summer series focuses on the struggles of women

August 5th: He named me Malala-the true story of the teenage Malala Yousafzai who was attacked by Taliban gunmen in Pakistan for advocating girls’ education.

August 11:Miss Representation –this is a documentary that shows how the media is educating another generation that a woman’s primary value is in her youth, beauty and sexuality – and not in her capacity to lead.


November 4-6th – The Great Sale – all kinds of interesting ‘items’ for the discerning shopper – helping hands to set up the week before will be welcomed

 September 25: Storytelling with Andy Ouffutt -Irwin

 With a silly putty voice, hilarious heart-filled stories, and amazing mouth noises (arguably, the greatest whistler in the world) one-person-showman, Andy Offutt Irwin, is equal parts mischievous schoolboy and the Marx Brothers, peppered with a touch of the Southern balladeer. One of the most sought after performing storytellers in the United States, Andy is especially known for relating the adventures of his eighty-five-year-old-widowed-newly-minted-physician-aunt, Marguerite Van Camp, a woman who avoids curmudgeonship by keeping her finger on the pulse of the changing world around her as she seeks to grow – even at her advanced age – in the New South.  Marguerite steps lively through this existence, loving as many people as she can.

Andy Offutt IrwinOctober of 2015 marked Andy’s sixth year as a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival. He has appeared ten times as Teller in Residence at International Storytelling Center. Among other gigs, Andy has been a Guest Artist at La Guardia High School of Art, Music, and Performing Arts in New York (The “FAME!” School); he has been a Keynote Speaker/Performer at the Library of Congress-Virburnum Foundation Conference on Family Literacy; a Guest Writer Performer with the Georgia Tech Glee Club; and a guest composer with the Amherst College Men’s Double Quartet.


November 19 – Concert



with musician Fran McKendree

River Guerguerian, Multi-Percussionist,Composer and Educator







January 15: BrassRoots – Jazz Vespers


megan hicks


January 22: Storyteller Megan Hick