SUNDAYS @ 10:00 am

Hymns, sermon, and Eucharist

Wednesdays @ 10:00 am
prayers for healing
and informal Eucharist

August  30   CAYA

(Come As You Are) Informal service
Eucharist followed by pot-luck dinner. Please bring a dish to share.
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  North Carolina Bishop Michael Curry 

elected as Episcopal Church’s  27th presiding bishop.

Curry, 62, was elected by the House of Bishops from a slate of four nominees on the first ballot. He received 121 votes of a total 174 cast. The number of votes needed for election was 89. Curry’s election was confirmed an hour later by the House of Deputies, as outlined in the church’s canons, by a vote of 800 to 12. Bishop Curry will serve a nine-year term that officially begins Nov. 1. On that date, he will succeed current Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts- Schori and  become the first person of color to hold that position. A liturgy marking the beginning of Curry’s ministry as presiding bishop and primate will be celebrated Nov. 1, All Saints Day at Washington National Cathedral.

Presiding Bishop Elect’s Sermon at Closing Eucharist 


One of our outreach commitments is to provide sacks of snacks/milk/canned food
Each Thursday during the school year church volunteers pak-a-sak for each child to take home. We do not know (and do not need to know) the names of the children. We are committed to showing the love of Christ as an anonymous group.for 20 children from our neighboring school who have ‘food insecurities’ – meaning there might not be substantial food available at home to last through the weekend. This involves approximately $4,000 for a school year. Therefore our brunch on the 23rd is geared toward raising money to support this ministry.
This is a good occasion to invite friends who might be interested in helping the quality of life for 20 children.
 Education for Ministry is a powerful combination of scripture, worship, theology and theological reflection open to any adult willing to commit to a year of study from a Christian perspective, regardless of educational background or denomination. This program involves study, worship and reflection which is explored weekly in a small group setting (6-12 people),and led by  a trained mentor. Groups form a close and supportive bond which members treasure.

The 4-year program covers the Hebrew scriptures, New Testament, Church History and Theology. Each year is independent, so you only sign up for one year at at time.  This program is an extension course offered through the martha goodwillEpiscopal School of Theology at the University of the  South in Sewanee, Tennessee. The cost, through  sponsorship of the Diocese of SW Florida is $350 a year, and includes all test materials.  Groups begin meeting in September.  Registration starts now! If you would like more information, please pick up a brochure or contact Martha Goodwill at (941) 556-0315  or mgoodwill@episcopalswfl.org.




Sarah Hill



Saturday, September 12th: 10 AM – Noon

$5 per person – includes lunch

With Diocesan Altar Guild Chair Sarah Hill.

Open to any person or parish wanting to learn more about Altar Guilds
and how they function. 
“A church’s altar guild is far more of a force in the parish than the holy housekeeping tasks they perform – it is a spiritual community which functions like a team with neither  rulers giving orders nor doers taking care of everything themselves – instead working together – valuing formation more than perfection. 

 A healthy altar guild welcomes new members, seeks to build relationships, and  invites others to share the spirit of prayer through the service of caring for fair linens, vessels, and preparing the church for a worship service. 

A certain spirit floats out of every sacristy the way an aroma floats out of the kitchen and sets  the tone of the worship and more than that it sets the tone of congregational life. Altar guilds grasp the depth and complexity of their role as spiritual facilitators of the parish.”   from an article by The Rt. Rev. Dan T. Edwards, Bishop of Nevada

A well-set service with the corporal and lavabo bowl in just the right place is a good thing. But there are more important intangibles in this ministry – care for each other, building up another’s competence and confidence, welcoming and including new members, and above all prayer.

 Call the church office to register: 346-8406


November 20/21  elephant

If you are doing some ‘summer cleaning’ bring your small items into the church parish hall we’ll save, then mark for sale at a huge sale in the late fall. Large items, like furniture, will be received in the week before the sale.
Part of this money will go toward outreach – in particular – for the bags of food that we provide for elementary school children which are given out each Friday to insure they have food to eat over the weekend.