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sun burstThe Peace Chapel is a place for restoration of mind, body & soul – Wednesday 10:00 am Healing Prayers and informal Eucharist in the Peace Chapel













Celebrate houseOutreach’s Tiny House for Veterans Project

(Celebrate Outreach, founded by St. Alban’s member, Dr. John Paul, is a coalition of non-profits dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness. St. Alban’s has participated in raising money to pay for a Saturday breakfast and people from St. Alban’s have gone downtown St. Pete to serve breakfast—offered at Trinity Lutheran every Saturday.) We also participate in the once-a-year Memorial Service for those who have died because of homelessness.)

To win the war on homelessness while developing affordable housing, Celebrate Outreach has initiated a Tiny House for Veterans program in St. Petersburg. These tiny homes are ‘500’ sq ft and cost approximately $30,000 to build. St. Alban’s is participating in this program by raising funds to purchase items needed to produce a home. Please pick a gold coin from the Treasure Chest and commit to give this amount to Celebrate Outreach so the construction of a Tiny Home may be completed for a Veteran.  Record your commitment in the sign up book. Contributions will be collected at the offertory on Sunday, July 23, 2017 and a check presented to Celebrate Outreach on the 30th. We are well on our way to providing at least 10% of the cost of the house.

These are the facts about what our veterans face: Homelessness: Over 47,000 are homeless; Poverty: More than 1.4 million are below the poverty line; over 900,000 receive food stamps; Suicide: Over 22 commit suicide every day; more than twice as likely than other civilians; Incarceration: 700,000 are imprisoned; nearly 1 in 10 inmates are veterans. Let’s give our veterans honor and hope. It all begins with a place called home!



Let’s Eat so We Can All Eat!

A couple of  the ‘church mice’ will be serving brunch next Sunday, July 2, following the service. You are invited to attend –feel free to invite friends AND either sign up on the sheet on bulletin board or call Church Office 360-8406 by Wednesday so we know how much to  fix. Yes—there is an ulterior motive—we will have a basket for a free-will offering which will go to Celebrate Outreach to pay for one Saturday Breakfast for the homeless.

treeStories of  Our Ancestors-  June 29 & July 7; August 3,10,17 6:00 pm—7:30 pm—Please bring a dish to share

 The stories of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses read like soap operas. This summer our lessons from the Hebrew Scripture cover this long and interesting sago about our ancestors.  Like all stories, these contain plots made up of crisis, challenge, betrayal, injustice, rescue, and reconciliation. But these are the ancestors of our faith we’re talking  about and it seems they had more of everything—crises, challenges, and even descendants. Throughout the narrative, God shares a fascinating relationship with these people,  always leading onward into a new location or new life. Our gatherings on Thursdays will give us the opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges that faced our ancestors and how they might be similar to challenges or issues we face today.  A booklet which features the Scripture and background on the Scripture is available for you today.

jar with bee attitudesBee-Attitudes

Our  stewardship theme last year focused on the ‘Bee-Attitudes’ – thinking that bees work together to provide nourishment for plants – and we work together to provide nourishment for people. At the end of the stewardship drive, everyone received a bee-attitude jar – filled with strip of paper with an ‘attitude’ for each day. The jars were saved after eating yogurt  made by Tradespoint Creamery (carried at Earth’s Origins on Central Ave.) We wrote to the company saying how much we appreciated their yogurt and their values, and we told them about the bee-attitudes – which they in turn – featured in their newsletter. Click and scroll down to see the article